Past Success


What is the Bella Box?

The Bella Box we developed delivers a prototype PEP system that:

  1. Measures the breathing volume, times breaths and pauses, and wirelessly sends that information to a mobile device.
  2. Links a game on a mobile device directly to the real-time results of the PEP therapy.  The game provides instant feedback and reward if the child does well.
  3. Provides an audio response to the therapy so that a parent or caregiver can hear that the therapy is being conducted correctly at a short distance.
  4. Records all therapy sessions. This includes the success of each session (reaching 10-20cm for 3-4 seconds, 1-2 minute break x 6) and keep a historical record of therapy sessions and success.

For more technical information about the project, look here.


What technology has been used?

PEP therapy works by having individuals breathe through a face mask attached to a piece of equipment called a resistor, which builds up pressure in the lungs. This is measured by a manometer (pressure gauge). The pressure keeps the airways open, allowing air to get behind the mucus. The mucus can then be moved to the main airway and be cleared by coughing.

The Bella Box™ with Bluetooth is an electronic manometer we developed that connects to the PEP mask and resister. It transmits to  mobile app, that can be downloaded on any Android device, and measures the breaths of each PEP therapy session. The app then uploads the results to the cloud via the data tracking web app.




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Bella Project History

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